Why This Blog Exists

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Wow… thank you! Thanks for checking out this post.

I view your time and attention as the greatest gift someone can give to another person. I do not take it lightly.

So, why would someone think to create another digital marketing blog?

There’s thousands of them out there!?

Well, let’s start there. This isn’t a blog about digital marketing.

This blog exists because of my personal mission to spark and fuel stronger relationships so that marketing professionals and businesses alike can reach their full growth potential and have a greater positive impact on their world and the people around them.

I started this blog because I have a passion for something and had to do something about it.


This passion is a priceless gift my incredible parents gave me.
They taught me that there are a lot of shiny objects to pursue in this life, but the most valuable thing you can pursue is relationship with other humans.

Yup, worth much more than money and my parents are some of the richest people I know.

Relationship is a unique lens that this blog will be looking through at the world of digital marketing, content strategy, marketing technology, SEO, and growth.

At the end of the day, if you aren’t successfully sparking and fueling meaningful relationships with other professionals and/or with your customers, you will not reach your full growth potential.

I want you to reach your full growth potential.
I want to reach my own full growth potential.
I believe this can only happen through meaningful relationships.

Relationships only happen when conversation happens. Good ol’ fashioned dialog.

You can have the most brilliant SEO hacks, the most well thought out and designed funnels, the best tech– but, if you aren’t creating relationships with all of it, you’ve got a problem.

Relationships establish trust, trust is the currency that pays for action.

Purchases, partnerships, contracts, learning, change, decisions of all kinds–they all grow from the same seed.

No relationships, no action.

I have spent the past eight years of my life passionately learning everything I can about digital marketing.

While doing marketing in the B2B space, nothing has impacted growth more than how effective I was at creating relationships.

Are you seeing a theme here?

So this, my friends, this is why I am starting a BLOG.

I want to create and strengthen a relationship with you. I want to help you create and strengthen relationships.

So, I invite you to join me as we spark some new relationships. Let’s talk shop.  Hire me to help your business grow. Have me speak at your next event.

My goal is for this relationship (yours and mine) to help you strengthen and seek out new relationships, or help your business establish and nurture relationships with your customers more effectively.

To help me accomplish all of this I am going to be sharing some ideas related to how relationships and marketing fit together and how relationships should impact everything you do related to digital marketing, marketing automation, content strategy, SEO, and growth hacking.

Sometimes, the ideas here will be my own. Sometimes, the ideas will be from people much smarter than me that I have the great privilege to know and learn from.

One great conversation with the right person can change the trajectory of your career.
One great conversation with a potential customer can change the trajectory of your business.

Growth is powered by relationships.

In order to have relationship, you need to be able to spark conversation.

When stripped down to their core, marketing and growth hacking are nothing but communication with the goal of creating a relationship.

Communication is how growth happens. Conversation. Dialog.

Technology has created new, powerful ways of connecting and communicating. There are new, meaningful ways to build relationships.

It’s a very exciting time to be in the marketing and growth space for this reason.

Why marketing tech and growth?
I know the digital marketing space. I do not even come close to being an expert on relationships. I have the best chance at creating relationships in this space in order to have the biggest impact I can.

Also, I believe marketers and growth professionals desperately need the reminder that, without relationship, no one will see hockey stick growth.

The greatest tools and tech will flatline your business if you do not understand how they are serving as a catalyst for your relationships.

We love talking about tools. But, if they aren’t serving to spark and nurture relationships, they won’t do jack.

Let’s talk about both.

If this sounds interesting to you, subscribe!

Let’s go on this journey together. Let’s dialog. Let’s grow.