ANGLR | Zero to Sixty | Day 1 – Let’s go fishing

Here we go! Today is my first day stepping foot onto the vessel known as ANGLR. ANGLR is the fastest growing community of sport fishermen recording, reviewing, comparing and sharing their experiences on the water.

I loved riding in and and talking about awesome cars with my dad while growing up.

How fast a car can go from a stand still to 60 mph is a benchmark commonly used to gauge their overall performance.

I thought it would be fun to share my experience here while trying to get as much accomplished as possible in the first sixty days after joining a startup (startup of the year 2017) to do digital marketing.

[Insert Pithy Sub-header Comparing Fishing to Marketing Here]

I am excited to start fishing for passionate Anglers on the web who live and breathe fishing. The fishermen that never really leave the water.

As a marketer, I am an angler of another kind. We also rely on data. We use data to decide which bait to use to earn attention, we cast this bait into the right pools of individuals, we set a hook that will keep people on the line, and ultimately try to reel in new business.

We’re fishing in a big pond.

The fishing hobbyist community is three times the size of tennis and golf combined in the United States.

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Day 1

I started the day by touching base with Landon, the COO and co-founder at ANGLR. I am going to be hanging out with this guy A LOT over the next 60 days. This is a great thing. He’s just an awesome dude. Landon is organized, driven, and a passionate entrepreneur/angler.

After spending the first couple minutes establishing the fact that both parties are pretty dang stoked to move forward together, we started talking about what we are going to tackle (shot from the pun gun!) first.


There is a lot going on. We have to get stuff done (GSD). Every day. This is all that matters and what success hinges on. I am going to be shipping fast and shipping often.

Here’s what we’ll be shipping in the next 60 days…

In the world of digital marketing, the first challenge is administrative logistics related to on-boarding and gaining access to “all the things” that a brand amasses over the years that are involved with your online presence.

We setup a Trello board where we’ll be tracking all of my work, planning, and organizing the chaos. We’ll be using the company’s g-suite account to share docs and sheets in Google Drive for collaboration, organization, and communication. Landon was able to quickly share a sheet with the laundry list of core accounts to get things rolling on a Google spreadsheet. Social accounts, Google Analytics, Webmaster accounts, etc… they add up quick.

There are three main projects that I will be tackling over the coming weeks. Every day it’s critical to “ship” to make progress towards these goals.

  1. Get a lay of the land. Digital marketing audit. I will doing a complete audit of and their current state when it comes to their online presence and digital marketing channel health. We will be trying to discover what has been working, what hasn’t, and where the biggest opportunities for us are for growth in this area. What is driving user acquisition up to this point? What’s driving retail sales? What can we build on? What should we stop doing? I will be aggregating lots of data from lots of different tools in order to complete this project. This is priority number one of the next week.
  2. The Marketing Stack. ANGLR will be using as their main data pipeline and foundation for their custom marketing stack. Over the coming weeks I will be managing this project and working with their in-house and freelance team members to implement their tracking plan and install the necessary scripts on the marketing site, the web app, iOS app, android app, and server side. Segment will allow us to then add and remove sources and destinations for data in our marketing stack in a rapid and scalable manner. First things first, we gotta get the segment library of events defined, setup, and firing in these key areas. Then, we’ll hire tools for email, in app messaging, analytics, etc as needed.
  3. The ANGLR Tour. Pro Angler, Jacob Jesionek, will be traveling across 35 states, fishing for over 25 species over the coming months. We have partnered with him to share the experience along the way and how he uses the ANLGR app and trackers to improve his fishing and learn using data. He will be capturing video content along the way that we will be turning into over 40 posts that will be shared on our blog and social media channels. I am going to help make sure this content gets in front of as many fishermen as possible.

Nic is the guy with his hands up. I am in the air. He had a lot of trust in me at this moment not to take his head off. I am extremely excited and humbled by the trust he is putting in me at this moment to help ANGLR grow.

I also talked with my good friend Nic Wilson for the first time as an employee of his company this afternoon. Nic is the CEO and hustler extraordinaire for ANGLR. I have known Nic since middle school. We played in a high school pop punk band together. He’s an incredible drummer. He’s also pretty good at keeping a beat in business, building hype, and keeping the entire band in-sync. He can pitch like nobody I have ever seen. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with him.

Only three things are certain for me in the next two months:

  1. I am going to learn a ton.
  2. I am going to have a lot of fun.
  3. My two year old son, Sully, will continue to keep me the most tired and the most excited to keep living this beautiful thing called life.

If you’re interested in the startup world, digital marketing, marketing analytics, content marketing, SEO, SaaS, marketing operations, marketing automation, or fishing, I hope you’ll join me and learn with me over the next 60 days by signing up for my email updates.

Here’s a video featuring Nic talking about the Anglr app and the Tracker.

Talk soon!

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