ANGLR | Zero to Sixty | Day 4 – Diving In Head First

Welcome! This is my second of many posts in this Zero to Sixty series. Thanks for following along with me!

Four days in. I just completed my first weekend and first Monday while working at ANLGR since my last post. I am very excited about all the opportunity if front of us.

The ANGLR Tour Starts Thursday!

We have an epic ANGLR tour that begins May 10th. We’ve been pretty focused on a few short term goals related to this tour over the past few days. This was one out of the three big things (full digital audit and building our custom marketing stack are the other two).

We had some catching up to do to be prepared for the tour. We still do. So we were all doing a bit of work over the weekend to try and get ready for this tour. Lots of details to coordinate for a 10,000 mile journey across 35 states, fishing for 25 different species over the course of two months!

Here are a few of the items we’ve knocked out in the last three days related to the tour

  • Launching the first blog post announcing the tour
  • Sharing the first teaser video for the tour on our social media accounts
    • Had the chance to begin VidIQ subscription and test it with Landon. Very cool optimization tool for Youtube.
  • Launching video ads promoting this video on targeted Youtube Channels
  • Launching Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
    • We are running FB lead ads A/B testing video against still image and also traditional boosted posts from page. Customized a new audience for this targeting using interests.
    • Setup a lead ads sync to our Mailchimp tour list using Zapier so the subscribers are auto-added to our Mailchimp list.
  • Setup Mailchimp tour email subscription list and embed forms for blog post. We want users to be able to easily opt-in to follow along and receive email updates during the tour with video updates and insider tips. This is a super simple and effective way for us to accomplish this at this point. We also added a Youtube subscribe button for this same reason.

Website WordPress Migration

During the tour we are going to be sharing over 40 Vlogs/Blogs on our site. This raised the issue of having a CMS that would give our team the ability to create blog posts quickly and easily. We were right in the middle of having a custom WordPress theme built for us, but after some research and a lot of conversation we decided it would be best to replicate our current marketing site by customizing a powerful premium theme instead of going for a custom theme. This would give us the ability to quickly stand up everything from a blog post to a landing page to more robust custom pages quickly and easily. We also wanted the ability to use plugins as needed without issues and do pretty much anything we wanted to without having to rely on a developer.

Today, being able to quickly iterate, test, analyze, and repeat is imperative. A website is never done. This change is going to make our ability to pivot and adjust quickly and powerfully much stronger. It is going to be a super tight project. We have mobile mockups from our designed for the new homepage and we just received the first concepts for the desktop version this evening. We are going to try and get the entire site migrated and live by Thursday… here we go! Working with some of the best to get it done, so I have faith.

Other Randoms

Some other various tasks I knocked out over the weekend and Monday:

  • Wrapped up getting access to all accounts, profiles, cloud folders, permissions etc.
  • Finished establishing benchmarks and goals for overall business on the kickoff doc I started day 1.
    • Goals established – 1) Acquire app users. 2) Sell integrated devices. 3) Launch influencer video monetization.
  • ANGLR had an awesome brand/identity deck that I spent a lot of time reviewing to orient myself around voice/why/how/what messaging, belief statements, market fit.
  • Did some enculturation into the fishing community by reading some blogs, watching videos, and checking out some sites Landon recommended.
  • Got to check out the tool called Privy which we are using for our exit popups in our Shopify store pages. Looks like an awesome tool and look forward to leveraging it in the future for our Bullseye launch in June.
  • Began the very first steps of the full audit I’ll be doing by jumping into Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Our COO, Landon was a guest on The Fishermans Journal podcast. I listened to it and planned to turn it into a blog post. 
  • Identified some new potential pages to stand up and ship sooner than later for SEO
  • Reviewed some competitors
  • Talked to Landon about differentiators and messaging challenges

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